Poetry videos

The Astronaut, filmed by Muddy Feet Poetry

The Three Day Beard, recorded by Process Productions


Fairytale Ending, recorded by Poetic Impact as part of the Poetry Booth project

Alternative Names for Depression, performed in my kitchen

Selkie performed at Boomerang Lab

Be My Sunshine, performed at Boomerang Lab

Home Comforts, performed at Boomerang

The Three Day Beard, performed at Spoken Word London

Alternative Names for Depression, performed at the Genesis Slam

On Paper, performed at The Genesis Slam

This is How to Forget Your History, filmed by Muddy Feet Poetry

Fairytale Ending, performed at the Genesis 2019 Final

13 Things to Tell a Friend Who is Hurting, filmed by Muddy Feet Poetry

The Crashland Mechanic, filmed by Muddy Feet Poetry

The Astronaut, filmed at Boomerang Club

Alternative Names for Depression at the Spoken Word London Anti-Hate Anthology book launch

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