The Selkie is a Scottish folk tale about creatures which look like seals, but at the full moon will shed their skins and dance as humans on the shore. In the story, a man sees them dancing and falls in love with one of them. He steals her skin and when she cannot return to... Continue Reading →

The Three Day Beard

Day One When blood runs in the streets of Paris, at the sort of gig your boyfriend might have gone to, headbanging until heads bang to the floor, still dreaming of music  even though music has become screams, you will listen to the news reports counting up the rising dead like prayer beads and feel so... Continue Reading →

Fairytale Ending

My grandfather, a former shoemaker and carpenter, a cutter of wood,  a woodcutter calls me one sunny Saturday and says 'Your grandmother is being eaten by a wolf'. It is a wolf that for years has prowled at the door and snarled down the chimney of her mind snatching memories of words just spoken and the adulthood... Continue Reading →

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