At night she dreamed of flying
She grew used to loving you from afar
Even as she stood beside you
But the bird in her knew
This was no way to live
No way to love
So one night you came home
To an apartment full of feathers
And learned
You had lost her to the skyline.

I think we should teach girls to run
As soon as they learn to walk.
Before we teach them
“Please” and “thank you’
Before we teach them
“Be nice,
Try and see it from his point of view”
Before we say
“You are overreacting
to his hand
where you do not want it.”
“Just ignore it.”
“He is only pulling your pigtails,
only hurting you,
Because he likes you –
liked is the best thing you can be.”
Teach them
to run.

When he says
“You bore me”
When he says
“Don’t eat that”
When he says
“If you loved me,
You’d let me”
When he says
“Be less different,
Less you,
You embarrass me”
When he says
“You are lucky to have me,
just a few small changes
And you will deserve me,”

We should teach girls to run
So that if the time comes
For them to take flight
They will know
What a runway is for

Men who never asked
How much they weighed
on the souls of those who loved them
Will look up
To see a sky full of angels.
They are not angels.
They are women
with wings in place of the arms
they will no longer use
For holding up anyone
but themselves.
They are women
Flesh and blood
Needs and faults
And hearts still aching
For what they
Fledgling fled
Singing grief and hope
As two sides of the same moon.

At night she dreams of you
and her feathers twitch.
She learned to care for you
From afar
And it is a hard habit to break
But at this altitude
She has perspective
Can see the paths
you would have trodden together
And how heavily
She would have been bound to them.
Growing wings is wrenching,
She will not give them up now.
She will fly as far as she needs
To be free

At night I dream of you
And my shoulder blades itch
There was a feather
on my pillow this morning.
I think
It is time
To run.


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