Hindi Mathematics

In Hindi, to tell someone it was nice to meet them 
You say
Aap se milkar kushi hui
“Happiness happened after meeting you” 
In Hindi, the numbers do not follow a standardised pattern 
You cannot be sure of the number for 34
just because you took 30 and added 4.
You can have a guess, but some quirk of pronunciation
will trip up your tongue, leave you
                                                                 nearly right 
You need to know each number by heart
So if you know any Hindi-speaking mathematicians
they are the smartest person you know 
You should look at them from bended knee
Open mouthed in awe 
That they should be born that way 

Statisticians say
the chances of you, being born you
Exactly the way you are 
With your beard and your wheezing chest
And those little lines around kind eyes 
Is 40 trillion to one
The same chances as me, being born me
Exactly the way I am
With my brown eyes and my curly toe
And my bum that keeps dancing 
Long after the rest of me has stopped. 

You will not tell me the Hindi 
For 40 trillion to one
I suspect it is because you do not know. 

I do not know the odds
Of you and I
Each long-shot chances 
meeting and loving
How could I be sure 
we would make what we do
Just because I had me and added you? 
There are no numbers for us my love 
Any more than there are numbers
For the stars in an infinite universe 
But in our hand-to-mouth language of 
Entwined fingers and tongues
We make words of each other 
We are both fluent 
And yet utterly unable to translate

We could try
But what we’d say would trip up the soul, be
                                                                                nearly right. 
Like saying 
“You with after meeting happiness happened”
Or “Nice to meet you” ,
When what you really meant was
Aap se Milkar Kushi hui

So instead,
We keep dancing
Long after the rest of them have stopped 
Try and know each other by heart
And love that we will always be
                                                        Nearly right
on bended knee
Open mouthed in awe
Saying only 
Aap se milkar kushi hui 
Happiness happened after meeting you 
And knowing we can count on that.


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