Be my Sunshine 

My friend Steph thinks perhaps she should date the sun.
She wants someone warm,
Someone who will brighten her day
Someone who will never put her in the shade.
92.95 million miles is a long way but
Steph likes her space
She’s ok with long distance
And it only takes 8 minutes
For him to get to her.
She’s been watching him from afar
Out of the corner of her eye
It’s true but
She can see he’s got a romantic side
knows how to set evening mood lighting
Like no one else
And she’s always been in favour
Of protection
When things get hotShe wants someone
Who will give her time to herself
He won’t interfere with a girls night out,
He’ll let her keep her shadows and her secrets
Allow her her nights
But will always be there
When she wakes in the morning

Steph wants someone constant
She’s tired of the bars
With the boys
Who think they are the centre of the solar system
But are afraid of being eclipsed
Tired of the systems to meet men
Who promise the stars and offer only rocks

What she wants is warmth on her skin,
Light and laughter and love,
Someone who will be there for her
Even when clouds descend
Some who will never fall behind
No matter how fast she’s running
Someone who’s not afraid
That a tall woman
with somewhere to be
is going to blot them out

Isn’t this what love should be?
The light in which you see things
For what they are
In all their dirt and beauty
The sure knowledge
That even in its darkest hour
It will come back again
To its highest point
That allows you both to shine?

Yes, it will burn out eventually
But 5 billion years
Is more than most could ask for
Some might be frightened
That such a love would leave them
Dazzled but
Steph has no fear
That she will ever be outshone
Yes, her world revolves around him
But from where she’s standing
It looks a lot like his revolves around her too.


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