At night she dreamed of flying She grew used to loving you from afar Even as she stood beside you But the bird in her knew This was no way to live No way to love So one night you came home To an apartment full of feathers And learned You had lost her to... Continue Reading →

Celestial Navigation

I am a person Who lives too much in the dark And falls in love with Pin prick lights in the distance but When your touch connects The butterflies in my belly fizzle Fold themselves into sparks And rush through my veins To where your fingers brush my skin I want to paint new constellations... Continue Reading →

Hindi Mathematics

In Hindi, to tell someone it was nice to meet them  You say Aap se milkar kushi hui “Happiness happened after meeting you”  In Hindi, the numbers do not follow a standardised pattern  You cannot be sure of the number for 34 just because you took 30 and added 4. You can have a guess,... Continue Reading →

Alternative Names for Depression

Sometimes words fail me, Sometimes what they mean and what they say, miss each other It always seemed to me that depression was not a big enough word, That depressed Falls out easily and falls short Churchill called it his black dog And when you hear it growl, Sink chill in your bones depressing doesn't... Continue Reading →


One day I will forgive that city One day I will forgive its wide streets Its gently arching bridges Its waterfront promenades bathed in sunshine One day I will look at them and believe their openess is not another form of disguise. One day, I will forgive that city One day I will believe that... Continue Reading →

The Tomato Soup Poem

Six years old And up past bedtime Back from holiday A crumpled grumpy Pile of child Too tired for hunger Too hungry for sleep Fractious with car journey dreams To the rescue From the back of the cupboard Came always A tin of Heinz tomato soup Wherever we had been This by tradition marked our... Continue Reading →

Be my Sunshine 

  My friend Steph thinks perhaps she should date the sun. She wants someone warm, Someone who will brighten her day Someone who will never put her in the shade. 92.95 million miles is a long way but Steph likes her space She's ok with long distance And it only takes 8 minutes For him... Continue Reading →

Home Comforts

Rented van, Driven by rented friend On the promise of drinks and dinner Arrives by rented piece of pavement £2.50 per half hour. Open shared rented entrance Into Hallway that by dint of being shared Belongs to no one But the house Rented key turns in rented lock Opens rented door Into rented space. Bare... Continue Reading →

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